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Abortion Recovery and Care

Welcome Aboard the ARC! 

Care Net’s vision for our new Abortion Recovery and Care initiative.

You most likely know the story of Noah’s ark; it is one destruction and yet also of rescue and promise. The building of an ark. The animals coming two by two. The flood. The rainbow.

We’re all looking for something to rescue us from the flood that can come as a result of a bad choice; an "ark" that will carry us to safety when the waters start to rise. For many abortion appeared to be that ark and when we jumped aboard, we found ourselves drowning just the same. 

But God.  

He loves us so much that when He could’ve wiped out all, He didn’t. In his grace, He made a covenant with Noah. He gave us another chance. And we see the evidence of that covenant, that promise, in every rainbow. 

We want to welcome anyone who has participated in an abortion to ARC: Abortion Recovery and Care. We invite you to journey with us, to be Forgiven and Set Free, and experience the abundant life in Christ that is waiting for you.